FERDINAND SCHMIDT-KALER - Quantum computing with trapped ions and its connection to quantum heat engines

Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler.

QUANTUM, Institut für Physik, Univ. Mainz, Deutschland.

Jueves 1/11/2018, 14 hs. 

Aula Seminario, 2do piso, Pab. I. 


Trapped single ions and ion crystal exhibit excellent control of the internal spin– and the external motional-degree of freedom. Multi-particle quantum entangled states are generated with high fidelity in view of a future quantum processor: Following a scalable approach with ion crystals shuttled in a micro segmented trap we control multi-ion qubit register, obtain long coherence time and demonstrate high fidelity entanglement of s few qubits [1]. However, the model system of a trapped ion crystal may be employed for quantum thermodynamic studies, namely a dynamically driven open quantum system. Initially, we operate a single ion engine and realize four-stroke Otto cycle, thus converting heat into mechanical coherent motion [2]. More recently, we explore spin-dependent light forces [3] for operating a single ion heat engine fully in the quantum regime [4] of motion. I will discuss plans for heat engines with ion crystals.

[1] Bermudez et al, PRX 7, 041061 (2017); Kaufmann et al, PRL 119, 150503 (2017).
[2] Roßnagel, et al., Science 352, 325 (2016).
[3] Schmiegelow et al, PRL 116, 033002 (2016).
[4] von Lindenfels et al, arXiv:1808.02390.


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