PHILIPP SCHINDLER - Characterizing ion-trap quantum computers

Philipp Schinder.

University of Innsbruck

Viernes 13/12/2019, 15:00 hs. 

Aula Federman, 1er piso, Pab. I. 

Characterizing ion-trap quantum computers

A major challenge towards practically useful quantum computing is
characterizing and reducing the various errors that accumulate during
an algorithm running on large-scale processors. Most characterization
techniques are unable to adequately account for the exponentially
large set of potential errors, including cross-talk and other
correlated noise sources.  We experimentally demonstrate cycle
benchmarking to quantify such errors in non-entangling and entangling
operations on an ion-trap quantum computer with up to 10 qubits [1,2].

[1] P. Schindler et al, New. J. Phys. 15, 123012 (2013)
[2] A. Erhard, J. Wallman, et al, arXiv:1902.08543

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