Daniel Osvaldo Gómez

Head Profesor

Principal Researcher of Conicet

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Research area: Fluids and Plasmas

  • Fluids
  • Plasmas
  • Astrophysics


Fluids and plasma dynamics. Astrophysics. Space physics. Turbulence.

Selected publications

­- “Turbulent coronal heating and the distribution of nanoflares”, P Dmitruk & DO Gomez, ApJ 484, L83 (1997)
­- “MHD turbulence of coronal active regions and the distribution of nanoflares”, P Dmitruk, DO Gómez & EE DeLuca, ApJ 505, 974 (1998)
-­ “Solar coronal heating: AC versus DC”, LJ Milano, DO Gómez & PCH Martens, ApJ 490, 442 (1997)
­- ”Quasi­separatrix layers in a reduced MHD model of a coronal loop”, LJ Milano, P Dmitruk, CH Mandrini, DO Gómez & P Démoulin, ApJ 521, 889 (1999)
-­ “Parallel simulations in turbulent MHD”, DO Gómez, PD Mininni & P Dmitruk, Phys. Scripta T116, 123 (2005)

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