Hernán Gustavo Solari

Associate Profesor

Main researcher (CONICET)

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int. 822

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Complex Systems Dynamics Group

Research area: Physics of biological systems

  • complex systems
  • nonlinear dynamics
  • stochastic dynamics
  • mathematical eco-epidemiology
  • epistemology


Temporal evolution of complex systems determined by causal and stochastic "forces". Theoretical biology understood as an attempt to produce symbolic (mathematical) biology. Mathematical epidemiology. Applications to diseases cause by arbovirus. Applications of complex systems. Philosophy of science.

Selected publications

H. G. Solari. Semiclassical treatment of spin systems by means of coherent states. J. Mathematical Physics 28, 1097 (1987).
H. G. Solari and R. Gilmore. Relative rotation rates for driven dynamical systems. Physical Review A 37, 3096-3109 (1988).
A. Duarte and H. G. Solari. The metamorphosis of the monochromatic spectrum in a double-cavity laser as a function of the feedback rate. Phys. Rev. A 58 614-619 (1998).
H. G. Solari y M. A. Natiello. Stochastic population dynamics: the Poisson approximation. Physical Review E 67 031918 (2003).
M. Otero, H.G. Solari and N Schweigmann. A stochastic spatial dynamical model for Aedes aegypti. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 70, 1297-1325 (2008).
V Romeo Aznar, Marcelo Otero, Maria Sol de Majo, Sylvia Fischer y Hernán G Solari. Modeling the complex hatching and development of Aedes aegypti in temperate climates. Ecological Modelling 253, 44-55 (2013)

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