Esteban Adolfo Calzetta

Head Profesor

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Gravitation Cosmology And Large Scale Structures

Research area: Cosmology and gravity


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Selected publications

Calzetta, E. A., & Hu, B. L. (2008). Nonequilibrium quantum field theory (Vol. 10). Cambridge UK: Cambridge University Press.

Calzetta, E., & Hu, B. L. (1988). Nonequilibrium quantum fields: Closed-time-path effective action, Wigner function, and Boltzmann equation. Physical Review D, 37(10), 2878.

Calzetta, E., & Hu, B. L. (1987). Closed-time-path functional formalism in curved spacetime: application to cosmological back-reaction problems. Physical Review D, 35(2), 495.

Calzetta, E. A., Kandus, A., & Mazzitelli, F. D. (1998). Primordial magnetic fields induced by cosmological particle creation. Physical Review D, 57(12), 7139.

Calzetta, E., & El Hasi, C. (1993). Chaotic friedmann-robertson-walker cosmology. Classical and Quantum Gravity, 10(9), 1825.

Rey, A. M., Hu, B. L., Calzetta, E., Roura, A., & Clark, C. W. (2004). Nonequilibrium dynamics of optical-lattice-loaded Bose-Einstein-condensate atoms: Beyond the Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov approximation. Physical Review A, 69(3), 033610.

Peralta-Ramos, J., & Calzetta, E. (2010). Divergence-type 2+ 1 dissipative hydrodynamics applied to heavy-ion collisions. Physical Review C, 82(5), 054905.

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