JAMES WALLACE - Measurement of the velocity gradient tensor in turbulent flows


James Wallace.

University of Maryland, USA

Miércoles 1/10/2014, 15 hs.

Aula Federman, 1er piso, Pabellón I. 



This presentation reviews the principal experimental methods currently available to simultaneously measure all the terms of the velocity gradient tensor of turbulent flows. These methods have been available only for a little more than 25 years. They have provided access to the most fundamental and defining properties of turbulence. The methods include small, multi-sensor, hot-wire probes that provide single-location, time-resolved measurements of the tensor and various optical arrangements, most of which provide the tensor information over a larger spatial extent but, in most cases, without resolution in time. Data-reduction algorithms, spatial-resolution issues, and the use ofTaylor’s hypothesis are addressed in evaluating the accuracy of the various methods. Highlights of some of the most significant results for turbulent flows obtained with these methods will also be presented.

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