ÉTIENNE GUYON - From laboratory experiments to interactive exhibits : « La science du coin de table »


Étienne Guyon.

ESPCI ParisTech.

 Jueves 30/10/2014, 14 hs.

 Aula Seminario, 2do piso, Pabellón I. 

Interactive experiments in  cultural  science centers could be a final step in a process which often initiates with experimental results of scientific inquiry, leads to open lab demonstration, class experiments and to public exhibits…
In fact, a major fraction of such experiments met in science museums are not original and are just made of classical experiments, reproduced from one presentation to the next… without further inquiry!         
We pledge here for the consideration of new phenomena, such as those being studied today in laboratories, or with new points of view on classical experiments.
We will show the necessary steps, the connection with education, but also the benefit which can be obtained, in some instances, for research itself.
I will discuss the conditions of the transposition and the possible biases introduced in the process.

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