JOACHIM ANKERHOLD - Work and heat in dissipative quantum systems


Joachim Ankerhold.

Institute for Complex Quantum Systems, Ulm University.

 Martes 16/12/2014, 14 hs.

 Aula Federman, 1er piso, Pabellón I. 

Recently, the subjects of heat and work and their distributions in the quantum regime have received considerable attention with measurement protocols proposed and implemented for solid state devices. Most of these studies, however, focus on the regime of very weak system-reservoir coupling and sufficiently weak external driving fields [1]. In this talk, I will address two topics, namely, (i) the non-trivial impact of system-reservoir correlations [2] and (ii) domains of strong dissipation, strong driving, and very low temperatures [3]. These findings will be put into the context of onging experimental activities.

[1] S. Suomela, P. Solinas, J. Pekola, J. Ankerhold, and T. Ala-Nissila, Phys. Rev. B 90, 094304 (2014).

[2] J. Ankerhold and J. Pekola, Phys. Rev. B 90, 075421 (2014) (Editor’s suggestion)

[3] R. Schmidt, M. F. Carusela, J. Pekola, and J. Ankerhold, in preparation.

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